Carnival of Progressive Politics—October 2010 Edition

October 23, 2010

After November 2, 1010, we may need each other even more than we do now. So, let’s bond over these insightful posts, and for the sake of all that is good, let’s vote for Democrats on the 2nd. Here is the October edition of the Carnival of Progressive Politics.

Civil Liberty

Sam at The Devil’s Advocate presents Pot for Thought.

Steven and Debra at The End Times Hoax discuss The Manhattan Trophy Mosque Issue.


Ella Moss at Zodiac Times offers American Education Reform.

2010 Elections

Monika Kocur at Ka-Bloggy is a new carnival participant who says Vote for Me.

Divided We Stand United We Fall maintains that “None Of The Above” kicks ass in Nevada Senate debate.

Michael Wolf at letters2america asks What will the Republicans do to us next?

Darwin’s Money presents I was Diggin’ the Tea Party . . . Until They Went Batshit Crazy.


Greg Laden enlightens us about Public perceptions of energy consumption and savings.

Ben Harack at Vision of Earth advocates Personal and social change for a green energy future.

Ron Delfs at Environmental Science Degrees lists Presidents with the Best and Worst Environmental Records. This carnival usually rejects “list” posts, but this one contains some useful talking points for your next personal debate about the environment.

Chris at Life As A Human proclaims At Last, a Human Right to Water.

Health Care

Jodie Reed, the Teadrinking Mom, joins the carnival with Health, wealth, and happiness.


Ella Moss of  Zodiac Times presents Reality Check.

Men of Messages offers The Gossip Empire.

Recurial delivers Tea party vs. evolution.

Madeleine Begun Kane at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog presents Open Limerick To The Anti-Government Crowd and Yet Another Limerick Ode to Christine O’Donnell.

Jodie Reed of Teadrinking Mom tells of Fall-ing Mama Grizzlies.


Carl Mitchell at My Humble Opinion asks if The “War is Making You Poor” Act has a chance.

That’s all for this edition. The next carnival will be posted here at My Political Side on November 21, 2010. Submissions will be due by November 20, 2010 and can be sent via this link.

As always, I do not necessarily agree with all writing on a contributor’s blog. If a post appears here, it is because I consider it worth reading.


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