Carnival of Progressive Politics—August 2010 Edition

August 21, 2010

Last August was all about health care reform, and this August is the summer of the Mosque (that isn’t really a mosque) at Ground Zero (that isn’t really at Ground Zero). My opinions about all this hoopla are mirrored by Fareed Zakaria in Newsweek magazine.

How I wish for a “Cone of Rationality”—like the “Cone of Silence” on the television show Get Smart. When issues spiral out of control, as this one has, the cone could drop over everyone involved, and rational thought would occur.

Rational minds would then most certainly agree that:

The Constitution guarantees the right of the Cordoba Initiative to construct a house of worship on private land without any interference from the government, “Muslims” as a whole did not attack “us” on 9/11, Feisal Abdul Rauf is a well-respected, progressive imam with a history of performing outreach for the Bush administration, and even if the project was a “ground zero mosque,” celebrating its construction would demonstrate an admirable commitment to the founding ideals that we are supposedly fighting for Over There. At a time when Islamophobia appears to be on the rise, in part because xenophobia always tends to get louder during periods of economic uncertainty, liberals and progressives should be forcefully making the case for tolerance and liberty.

The above slice of beautiful rationality was written by Alex Pareene for

In keeping with the idea of  “forcefully making the case for tolerance and liberty,” I now present the much-delayed, but worth-the-wait July/August edition of the Carnival of Progressive Politics.

Civil Liberty

This category is perhaps closest to my heart, and so it warms my heart to have a large number of posts to include.

Andrew at SwiftEconomics presents Slipping Gay Marriage Through the Back Door.

Jordy Clements at explores freedom of speech in Funeral Draws Protestors.

Strange Bedfellows in the War on Drugs comes from JP at Veritas Ground Zero.

At ChaosBogey,Nandini Ramachandran presents Via Media, a study of the term “subverting democracy” from a critical media stance.

Sarah Certa at Here & Now declares Good news: Iceland legalizes gay marriage.

William Jones at Libertarian Stoner questions whether Dispensary Owners Actually Support Prohibition.

Woman Tribune presents St. Louis Adds Gender Identity to Anti-Discrimination Protections.


At a clown who cried in the alley, JS discusses Obama’s Economic Record.

Tim Chen at NerdWallet presents The Durbin Debate, complete with results and “a nifty infographic to spell it all out in pictures.”


Just 4 the Planet presents Gulf Crisis and Time for the USA to Step Up to the Plate Over Climate Change.


On Omaha Event Reviews, Jordy Clements discusses The Concert for Equality.


Andrew Hall at  Laughing In Purgatory presents Introducing Laughing In Purgatory University!

Joseph A. Pinkley warns of The Evil of Extreme Individualism at Critiquing Humanity.

Madeleine Begun Kane offers The Birth of Lunacy from Mad Kane’s Humor Blog and Refudiating Sarah from Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

From Michael Wolf at letters2america comes a discussion of What would the Christian right do?

Phil for Humanity sets forth The Pros and Cons of Socialism.


Andrew at SwiftEconomics presents Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics.

Michael Wolf at letters2america asks Where do we go next in Afghanistan?

That’s all for this edition. The next carnival will be posted here at My Political Side on September 21, 2010. Submissions will be due by September 20, 2010 and can be sent via this link.

As always, I do not necessarily agree with all writing on a contributor’s blog. If a post appears here, it is because I consider it worth reading.


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