My Comment on “Religious Literacy”

June 25, 2010

The Radula just posted The Carnival of the Godless, which includes my post reviewing Stephen Prothero’s book, Religious Literacy. Since The Radula is one of those Blogger-generated blogs that often doesn’t allow WordPressers like me to write comments, I’ll post my comment here:

As for your reference to my post being “not exactly what [you’d] call godless,” my point in the review was to express the belief, which I share with Mr. Prothero, that if people are going to kill and discriminate based on the supposed teachings of their supposed god, they should at least be educated about those teachings, as our eighteenth- and nineteeth-century ancestors were. The tyranny of blind religious faith is bad enough; religion combined with ignorance—meaning, a congregation that can be manipulated by any crazy misinformation—is even more dangerous. As you wrote about the Bible, Ms. Radula,  “Like many Christians, I never cracked open the book, but instead relied on my minister and the church to tell me what it said, what it meant, and what to believe.” Luckily, you eventually saw the light (or would that be the dark?), but you can obviously see what I mean about relying on blind faith.

Thanks for including my post, and, readers of this blog, please check out the carnival.

P.S. I’ve heard many things about my writing, but this is the first time it’s ever been called “not godless enough.”


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