Carnival of Progressive Politics—June 2010 Edition

June 21, 2010

CCC Camp Worker, June 1937

Bring Back the Civilian Conservation Corps!

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Publisher’s Note: Since last month’s carnival, I have received many insightful, passionate blog posts from new contributors looking for a place to be heard, and I am very proud to include them here. As Everyday Democracy states on their site, problems are solved by “exploring ways for all kinds of people to think, talk and work together to create change.” That’s what this carnival is all about and, in that spirit, I hope you read something here that inspires you to take progressive action in your little neck of the world.

If you find this carnival helpful, intriguing, annoying—in other words, if it makes you think—please leave a comment. A random commenter will be selected on June 30, 2010 and will receive a copy of The Wrecking Crew, author Thomas Frank’s classic look at “How Conservatives Ruined Government, Enriched Themselves, and Beggared the Nation.” And, keeping that in mind, let’s start talking about creating change . . .

Civil Liberty

There are several exciting new contributors in this crucial category. But first, carnival regulars Steven and Debra Wallace bring us The Homeowner’s Dilemma at The END TIMES Hoax. Thank you, Steven and Debra.

Next up is Liberty Now and Again, from the vibrant graphic site Taking Liberty.

I’m proud to present the writing of Matt Worhach at When Did You Know You Were Straight?. His post, about one of my favorite topics—heterosexual privilege—is titled Controversial.

Eli Horowitz joins the carnival with Francis Beckwith as an orc from Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings, from his blog, Rust Belt Philosophy. Welcome, Eli.


Reid Hardaway, another newcomer, presents Worker’s Solidarity at An Elegant Feast.

Eric Gargiulo offers What to Know in Obama Health Care Reform at Health Bill News.


Just 4 the Planet, another regular here, sends two posts from the UK: President Obama Uses Gulf Crisis and Two Arrested for Confronting Chevron CEO.

Aaron Dinsdale, yet another welcome newcomer, presents The Incompatibility of Going Green and Greed at The Going Green Site.


The original carnival supporter, Madeleine Begun Kane, presents Off or On the Rand-Wagon? and Hatching Hypocrisy, both at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

Fabius Maximus joins the carnival with The Feds decide who to lock up for life.

Kaushik makes a first appearance to discusses World Trends at Beyond Karma.

Taking Liberty offers The Brain Party.

Andrew Hall—another first-time contributor—gives us My Jihad Against Traditional Values at Laughing in Purgatory.

Hopey Changey Things comes from Omaha Arts and Culture, where blogger Jordy Clements writes  about “Artists that still think hope and change are ideals, not punchlines.” Thank you, Jordy.

Isabel Rodriguez shares Politics of Revenge from her blog, Trying to Keep an Open Mind and an Open Heart. Welcome, Isabel.

And to close the carnival with another regular contributor, vjack presents Lessons From the Daily Kos/Research 2000 Poll, postedat Red State Progressive.

That’s all for this edition. The next carnival will be posted here at My Political Side on July 21, 2010. Submissions will be due by July 20, 2010 and can be sent via this link.

As always, I do not necessarily agree with all writing on a contributor’s blog. If a post appears here, it is because I consider it worth reading.


4 Responses to “Carnival of Progressive Politics—June 2010 Edition”

  1. Mad Kane Says:

    Thanks for including me once again in yet another fine edition. I’ve just Facebooked your post. (Hmmm, rather an awkward “verb” Is FB’d any better? 🙂 )

    • sgaissert Says:

      I don’t know which is better! I guess the FB verb would be “Shared” but that sounds kind of like preschool and “Let’s all share the toys.”

  2. Jordy Says:

    Thanks for the inclusion and for keeping a well maintained carnival (or is that an oxymoron haha?). Looks like you took a little more time than most. Duly noted.

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