Carnival of Progressive Politics—May 2010 Edition

May 21, 2010

Virginius B. Thornton during a sit-down strike at a lunch counter; Petersburg, VA; May 1960

Civil rights is back in the news. Thanks to Rachel Maddow, the racism that hid beneath the surface of Rand Paul’s victorious smile is showing. Arlen Specter will soon be leaving Washington. And there’s a heartbreaking, rage-inducing oil spill that one of the GOP’s beloved corporations can’t seem to stop. That’s what’s happening here in the land of the free-ish as this month’s carnival goes up.

I am very pleased to have new contributors to the carnival again this month. While we all write to write, we also write to be read. I hope that what you read here encourages you to think more deeply, and perhaps even to act.

Civil Liberty

Michael Wolf presents a Letter 2 America, pondering responsible alcohol use, at his blog, Letters 2 America.

Steven and Debra Wallace claim Strategic Defaults: A Misnomer at The END TIMES Hoax.


Eric Gargiulo offers Federal Health Care Reform To Cost States at Health Bill News.


Just 4 the Planet sends this from the UK: The Greens Have it in Brighton!


Philip H writes about Arizona’s new immigration law at DC Dispatches.

Our resident political poet, Madeleine Begun Kane, offers Obama’s What??? and Maine Mishigas, both at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

In another Letter 2 America, Michael Wolf writes about Hillary Clinton.

Carl Mitchell asks, Is President Obama Finally Growing a Pair?, at My Humble Opinion.

Tory Prime Minister Liberal Dem Energy and Climate Secretary comes from across the pond, at Just 4 the Planet.

Steven and Debra Wallace of The END TIMES Hoax return with The Tea Party Elephant in the Room.

David Trevino presents Three Flags Over Georgia at The Arrow and the Rose.

vjack at Red State Progressive writes about Preparing the Public for the Next Terrorist Attack.

That’s all for this edition. The next carnival will be posted here at My Political Side on June 21, 2010. Submissions will be due by June 20, 2010 and can be sent via this link.

As always, I do not necessarily agree with all writing on a contributor’s blog. If a post appears here, it is because I consider it worth reading.


2 Responses to “Carnival of Progressive Politics—May 2010 Edition”

  1. Mad Kane Says:

    Nice job, as always. Thanks very much for including me.

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