Carnival of Progressive Politics — March 2010 Edition

March 22, 2010

Moving America forward.

“This is what change looks like.”
—President Barack Obama, March 21, 2010

Well, the Senate health care bill passed the House. I feel sad for the Americans who have been persuaded to believe that this portends evil and doom. I feel sad for the Americans who have been persuaded to believe that true change would be easy, and pretty, and unanimously applauded. I feel sad for the people who believed what John Boehner said on the floor of the House on March 21st. I feel sad for the woman I heard on C-SPAN’s call-in show; she sounded very frightened as she said that we now have “socialist medicine” and how could that be, since “we are not a dictatorship.” As I absorbed the depth of her misinformation, I wanted to cry out to her and tell her not to worry. Of course, the C-SPAN moderator did nothing to assuage her fear and grief, but that’s another story. Will the media ever speak truth to ignorance, or do we need a fifth estate?

This week will provide an opportunity for Americans to learn even more about how government works, as the Senate wrestles with the Reconciliation bill. But, as for today, I woke up feeling lighter this morning, knowing that many of my fellow citizens will be better taken care of now. I’m grateful that the people who deal with the mess and the ugliness and the compromises and the anger and the fear that accompany change do the work they do. I’m grateful that President Obama is a calm, determined man with his eye on the future. I think he may very well be the right man for the times. The times are bad: convoluted, corrupt, complicated, and contentious. Utopian goals cannot be reached, but steps can be taken. This health care reform is a step in the right direction, and we haven’t walked that way in a long, long time. I’m enjoying the view on the “right road.”

And now, here’s this month’s edition of my tiny contribution to the spread of progressivism. As always, dissent is welcome; rudeness is not.

Civil Liberty

Ranjita Patra presents Women Calling from India at Breaking News Online.


Madeleine Begun Kane provides two entries: Ode to GOP Stimulus Hypocrisy and J.D. Hayworth’s Marriage Menagerie, both appearing at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

Ella Moss presents Flying P.I.G.S., Etc. at Zodiac Times.


vjack presents Progressives Divided Over Health Care Reform at Red State Progressive.

Frankly My Dear Gaffney, You’re Nuts! and Liz Cheney: Chip Off The Old Crock both come from Madeleine Begun Kane at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

For our first musical entry, see Limbaugh, O’Reilly & Hannity!, submitted by Jonathan Jensen, who writes, “This is an original song, made into a music video by a very creative videographer.”

Biotunes offers Sociobiology shows us . . . at Bioblog.

From Zhu, we end with Another World Is Possible, posted at Correr Es Mi Destino. To guide your reading, Zhu writes that “In France, ‘liberalism’ has a somewhat negative meaning. It is mostly associated with anything bad capitalism can bring: economic crisis, a certain view of globalization, privatizations, end of welfare-state etc. . . . in North America, being “liberal” is being progressive. But it was quite confusing me for when I first came to Canada.”


Thank you very much to everyone who submitted a post to this edition. To be a part of the April go-around, please follow these steps.

Note: As host of this carnival, I do not claim to agree with everything posted on each submitter’s blog; I only claim to approve of the posts that are included here.


2 Responses to “Carnival of Progressive Politics — March 2010 Edition”

  1. Mad Kane Says:

    Great job! Thanks for the mentions!

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